WEDNESDAY, Sept. 14, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Cancer patients already have a lot to deal with emotionally and physically. But research shows that insured patients under 65 are also paying more for their treatments out-of-pocket than ever before. The study highlights the “growing financial burden for non-elderly patients with cancerContinue Reading

THURSDAY, Aug. 18, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Countries that are closer to achieving universal health coverage saw smaller declines in routine childhood vaccinations during the pandemic, a new study reveals. The World Health Organization describes universal health coverage as “all individuals and communities receive the health services they need withoutContinue Reading

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 17, 2022 (HealthDay News) — President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, making it the most significant health care legislation enacted in more than a decade. How will it affect health care? Millions of Americans covered by Medicare will see big reductions inContinue Reading

WEDNESDAY, July 27, 2022 (HealthDay News) — A federal lawsuit out of Texas could end access to free lifesaving preventive health care services for nearly 168 million people in the United States with private insurance, a new report suggests. Kelley v. Becerra seeks to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Continue Reading

FRIDAY, July 15, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Despite now having more choices for lifesaving emergency allergy injectors like EpiPens, the cost is still proving prohibitively expensive for some, new research shows. Even though most people are saving money with lower-priced alternatives after the cost of EpiPens shot up a fewContinue Reading