CDC panel recommends Moderna COVID vaccine for kids ages 6 through 17. The vaccine had already received emergency use authorization for this age group from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week. Read more U.S. cancer survivors now number 18 million. Approximately 8.3 million males and 9.7 million femalesContinue Reading

Acupuncture may ease tension headaches. People who got 20 true acupuncture sessions over two months had fewer headache days than those who received a superficial acupuncture technique, new research shows. Read more Moderna says new Omicron-targeted vaccine works well. The new vaccine booster is highly effective against the Omicron subvariantsContinue Reading

Light in your bedroom is no good for your health. Older people who used night lights, or left their TV, smartphone or tablet on in the room were more likely to be obese, and to have high blood pressure and diabetes, a new study found. Read more Can you standContinue Reading

With CDC approval, COVID shots for kids under 5 ready for delivery. The agency’s action on Saturday follows a similar move by the FDA the day before. Tens of millions of vaccines are ready for delivery to children’s arms this week, federal government officials said. Read more Ageism is everywhereContinue Reading

Tips to stay safe in extreme heat. Millions of Americans are sweltering this week, and an expert gives warning and advice on how best to stay healthy and cope. Read more Latin dance classes might keep a brain young. After eight months of classes, assessments found significant improvement in participants’Continue Reading

FDA panel approves Pfizer COVID vaccine for kids 5 and under. The panel’s recommendations will now go to the FDA, which is expected to approve the use of the vaccines this week. A CDC sign-off is expected soon after. Read more Doctors transplant kidneys to children without need for immune-suppressingContinue Reading

Want reliable diet advice? Don’t go to TikTok. In a new study, folks who went to the popular social media site asking about the Mediterranean diet got very little reliable information or even healthy advice. Read more Telemedicine can really help people battling advanced cancers. Those who reported their symptomsContinue Reading

Stress can age, weaken your immune system. New research shows that traumatic events, job strain, daily stressors and discrimination may all speed aging of the immune system, raising the risk for cancer, heart disease and other illnesses, including COVID-19. Read more FDA approves first pill to fight severe alopecia. BaricitinibContinue Reading