Exploring Fitness Workshops & Fairs

TUESDAY, Oct. 23, 2018 (HealthDay News) — One of the more popular fitness trends are education programs designed for consumers. Fitness buffs and weekend warriors alike can explore new ideas and techniques, and learn from professionals in various fields.

These programs take many forms. More and more communities now stage health and fitness events, such as fairs, that offer wellness information and introductory classes in many exercise disciplines. They’re held everywhere from local parks to university campuses and professional sports stadiums, and are geared for many age groups, making them a great way to get kids more active.

They often provide access to a variety of experts, allowing you to get answers to questions about starting or updating your exercise program.

Fairs can be a great way to learn about new fitness trends as well as advances in exercise equipment. Some vendors might offer discounts on merchandise or introductory pricing on gym memberships.

To get more targeted instruction, look for fitness expos at convention centers and exercise workshops, which are often offered at gyms, universities and other exercise facilities. These are a great way to get in-depth information and hands-on instruction in specific disciplines you’re interested in or perhaps already doing. They could last a day, a weekend or even longer.

Not sure where to start your search? You might give your local hospital or health system a call to see whether they’re sponsoring any health events. Another option is to simply google the words “fitness expo near me,” and then research the organizing group to be sure the speakers and instructors have excellent fitness credentials.