Copy of Health Highlights: Oct. 8, 2021

More than half of Americans surveyed may not get flu shot. With last year’s flu season being a no-show, people’s immunity to the sometimes serious disease is waning, experts warn. That’s why it’s worrying that a new poll finds 44% of Americans saying they either won’t get a flu shot or are unsure. Read more

Too much noise, too much smog could raise odds for heart failure. A decades-long study of more than 23,000 Danish nurses found that those living nearest to noisy and pollutant-emitting traffic had a significantly higher odds of developing heart failure. Read more

Abuse in college of stimulants like Ritalin can be gateway to other substance abuse. College students who pop illicit Ritalin or Adderall aren’t just hoping to boost their attention and grades: Use often coincides with binge drinking and other drug abuse, a study finds. Read more

Routine vaccinations declined for kids, adults during pandemic. While the focus has been on getting people their COVID-19 shots, a study of Michigan data finds a big drop in routine vaccinations for common illnesses such as measles and mumps, too. Read more