Health Highlights: Aug. 18, 2021

Here are some of HealthDay’s top stories for Wednesday, Aug. 18:

Early data shows rise in breakthrough COVID cases among vaccinated. In a troubling new development, detailed data from seven U.S. states finds that the percentage of people infected with COVID-19 who’ve already been vaccinated is ticking upwards. Experts say the increase was expected as the total number of vaccinated people rises, and the shots still offer great protection against severe disease.Read more

TSA extends airplane mask mandate to January. Blame the Delta variant for this one: The U.S. Transportation Security Administration on Tuesday said it is extending the mask mandate for airplane passengers and crew to at least January of 2022. Read more

Only 1 in 10 kids with ADHD will outgrow it. Disheartening news for children struggling with ADHD and their parents: A new study of hundreds of kids find that relatively few will see symptoms fade as they mature. Read more

Who’s most likely to suffer a diabetes-linked amputation? Complications of diabetes can sometimes lead to amputation of a foot or even a leg. New U.S. data finds that location, race and income could play a big role in an individual’s risk. Read more