Health Highlights: July 13, 2021

Here’s some of HealthDay’s top stories for Tuesday, July 13:

Could raw dog food bring ‘superbug’ dangers? High-end raw food dog diets are all the rage, but new European research finds the presence of ‘superbug’ germs in many brands – bacteria that could make their way to owners. Read more

Medicare to decide on coverage for controversial Alzheimer’s drug. The agency is mulling coverage for Aduhelm, a medicine approved by the FDA against the advice of its own expert panel, and with an annual price tag of $56,000 per patient. Many experts say the drug’s benefits to cognition are unproven. Read more

Soda fountains really load you up on sugar. According to new research, even a size small drink at the average soda fountain contains more than your recommended level of daily added sugar. A large drink? That’s two whole days’ worth. Read more

Breathing in COVID protection. Nobody likes needles, and now positive results from trials in mice and ferrets suggest an inhaled form of COVID-19 vaccine might be on the way. Read more