Health Highlights: July 23, 2021

Here’s some of HealthDay’s top stories for Friday, July 23:

Arguing for & against approval of controversial Alzheimer’s drug. The FDA earlier this month gave its OK to the first new Alzheimer’s drug in years — despite its own panel voting 10-1 against approval. Now, some doctors and hospitals are refusing to use the expensive drug, called Aduhelm. Who’s right? Read more

Are antibiotics the only answer for UTIs? Millions of women are stricken with a urinary tract infection each year, and the typical response from their doctors is a prescription for antibiotics. But is that really solving the problem?Read more

A new drug offers hope against psychosis. Hallucinations, delusions, agitation: Hallmarks of psychotic episodes, which can incapacitate the frail or ill and create a huge burden for caregivers. Now, research suggests that a drug that’s been effective against Parkinson’s psychosis may work for other forms of the condition. Read more