Health Highlights, Nov. 1, 2021

FDA delays decision on Moderna vaccine for teens under 17: The company announced Sunday that the agency said it needs more time to examine data on a rare cardiac side effect seen in young males after Moderna’s second shot, with any approval likely pushed back to January 2022. Read more

A new way to predict risk of premature birth? A two-minute test can accurately detect vaginal bacteria associated with preterm birth, researchers discovered. Read more

Nurses bear brunt of patient aggression far too often. Nurses caring for COVID-19 patients are more than twice as likely to be physically attacked or verbally abused as those caring for other patients, and some share their stories with HealthDay Now. Read more

A breathalyzer test for COVID-19? It can detect COVID-19 within seconds and could become a noninvasive, faster alternative to nasal swab tests, researchers report. Read more

5 million dead from COVID-19 worldwide. Less than two years into the pandemic, even countries with first-rate health systems have been humbled by the new coronavirus. The United States alone has recorded over 740,000 lives lost, more than any other nation. Read more