Health Highlights, Nov. 4, 2021

Supply chain shortages are slowing U.S. health care. Experts say doctors and hospitals are increasingly scrounging for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. The latest data finds virtually all U.S. hospitals and health care systems reporting challenges in procuring needed supplies. Read more

Fish on your plate may help stave off dementia. New research suggests that fish, even in moderate amounts, may help ward off vascular disease that may ultimately lead to dementia. Read more

COVID-19 now widespread in deer in Iowa. The discovery that up to 80% of white-tailed deer in Iowa may be infected with COVID-19 has scientists worried that the animals could become a reservoir for variants that could come back to haunt humans. Read more

Vaccination against HPV when young cuts women’s odds for cervical cancer by 87%. New data out of England is showing that the younger a girl receives the vaccine, the slimmer her chances of getting the cancer years later. Read more

A pee test to guide prostate cancer care? Prostate cancer is a common diagnosis among men, but some tumors are slow-growing and may not need treatment. Researchers say a new urine test might one day be able to tell which patients need immediate therapy and which don’t. Read more