Health Highlights, Nov. 9, 2021

Young Black Americans’ hearts increasingly at risk. New research shows this population is experiencing significant spikes in obesity, type 2 diabetes and smoking, all risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Read more

‘Spare tire’ weighs heavier on women’s minds. Belly fat. No one wants it, but women are much harder on themselves about any extra pounds wrapped around their middle than men are, regardless of how much they weigh, new research shows. Read more

Pfizer may soon seek FDA OK of COVID booster shots for all adults. The request could be filed as soon as this week and is likely to be supported by the FDA, insiders say. Read more

There could be a best bedtime for your heart. A new study suggests that hitting the sack between 10 and 11 p.m. may be the ideal time to cut the risk for cardiovascular trouble. Read more

Too few U.S. seniors get heart failure rehab. Heart failure remains a major killer, so it’s alarming that fewer than 10% of eligible Medicare beneficiaries get recommended heart failure rehab treatments, researchers say. Read more

Pandemic gloves, masks are choking the oceans. A new study predicts that discarded COVID-generated items will add more than 25,000 tons of plastic waste to the world’s oceans. Read more