Health Highlights: Oct. 14, 2021

Death threats, trolling common for scientists who speak to media about COVID. A new survey of 300 researchers and experts on COVID-19 from around the world finds two-thirds saying they quickly become the targets of abuse and threats once they talk to media. Read more

A third of Americans with arthritis get no regular exercise. It’s long been known that daily physical activity can help ease arthritis. But new U.S. research finds many people with the condition lead sedentary lives. Read more

Can people ‘mix and match’ COVID vaccines? Could someone who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine follow it up with a shot from Pfizer or Moderna? As an expert advisory panel at the FDA debates the value of COVID-19 booster shots, new research suggests mixing and matching could work. Read more

For those facing hospitalization, ‘What about my pet?’ is common worry. The dilemma has become even tougher in the era of COVID-19: People who must enter the hospital but have no one available to care for a beloved pet. Some organizations are stepping up to help. Read more

More than half of COVID survivors will encounter ‘long COVID.’ A review of data from 57 studies involving more than 250,000 people who’ve recovered from COVID-19 finds that a majority have often debilitating lingering symptoms that can last for months. Read more

Don’t use dermal filler ‘pens,’ FDA warns. Many consumers wanting to plump up lips or foreheads may be tempted to bypass the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic in favor of cheaper, at-home dermal filler pens. The results could be disfiguring or even land you in hospital, experts say. Read more