Health Highlights: Oct. 19, 2021

Biden administration ready to OK mix n’ match COVID vaccinations. Sources are telling media that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will this week approve the use of vaccine booster shots that don’t necessarily match the one initially received. Read more

Dying young from heart disease: Where you live in U.S. matters. Heart attacks and strokes can strike anyone, but new research finds that Americans living in poorer areas are at much higher odds of a premature death from cardiovascular disease compared to those living in more affluent zip codes. Read more

Vaginal laser ‘rejuvenation’ doesn’t deliver. Women may be lured by the promise that expensive laser therapies can improve the look, feel and function of their vagina as they age. But a new study found the technology is no better at doing so than a placebo. Read more

China, United States lead world in salt content of meat, fish products. Two of the globe’s most powerful nations, China and the United States, can claim the dubious honor of feeding their populations meat and fish products that contain the highest levels of sodium in the world. Physicians have long tied excess dietary salt to a variety of health problems. Read more