Health Highlights: Oct. 25, 2021

COVID vaccination won’t raise risk of miscarriage. The new findings add to prior research showing the vaccines are safe for pregnant women. Read more

‘Brain fog’ can plague those with long COVID. Even months after beating COVID-19, many people still suffer for months with memory lapses, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms of “brain fog,” a new study shows. Read more

Did COVID lockdown kill off a strain of flu? Last year’s flu season was a nonstarter because of mask-wearing, lockdowns and social distancing. Now, some scientists suspect that one of the major strains of influenza might have even gone extinct, for lack of humans to infect. Read more

Walmart recalls aromatic room spray due to deadly bacteria. After four people became ill and two of them died, investigators ave traced the illnesses to bacteria in an India-made aromatherapy room spray sold at 55 Walmart stores. The company is recalling the spray and advising consumers to not even touch or open the product. Read more